Primary care physician visit November 6th

I made a FB post this morning saying that my mom is feeling bad again for the 7th or 8th day in a row and that I would be calling her primary care physician to get an appointment as soon as possible. We had an appointment with her stomach doctor and I called while we were there and got a 2:45 appointment with the PCP today.

She has slept almost all the time for the last 7 or 8 days, has barely been eating, she fell down 3 days ago and then 4 days ago she came in here and told me that we needed to make sure we woke up early in the morning to take my brother Darryl to school in the morning, but my brother has been dead for almost 30 years.

The primary care physician wanted to put her in rehab for a little while but we settled with having Home Health Care come out to do some physical therapy to see if they can build her strength back up. He ordered more lab work to check for vitamin and mineral deficiencies even though he ordered lab work for the same thing about 6 weeks ago to see if it was causing what he calls manic spells which I am not yet convinced is not dementia.

So we had to go to medical records at the hospital and get those lab results and take to his office and he will review them and if anything is wrong he will let us know. And tomorrow or the next day we have to go get more lab work done.

Because she fell and hit her head 3 days ago he wanted her to have another CAT Scan but as soon as he said that my mom started bawling because we cannot afford another $325 for another CAT scan given that we just had one done five or six weeks ago as ordered by the neurologist to make sure that she does not have dementia.

And he also recommended that the pain management doctor reduce her intake of Gabapentin by half. But he really didn’t give us any good and clear answers as to why she is sleeping all the time, talks so softly it is almost a whisper, has not been eating hardly anything at all and barely has the strength to stand up when she is sitting down.

He also said I need to quit giving her a multivitamin and gave us a list of individual vitamins and minerals that he wants us to buy and for her take individually from now on. So hopefully she will not have too many more bad days. They’re supposed to call in a couple of days to let us know when Home Health Care will be here and perhaps the physical therapy will help her regain her strength.

And when we seen the stomach doctor this morning the old doctor no longer works there so we had to see a new doctor. I did not know but he said I should be giving my mom her Protonix 30 minutes before a meal. Well my mom only eats when she gets hungry so that’s not going to be easy to do. Then he told her that the problem she is having with her stomach could be because she does not eat five or six small meals like she is supposed to and instead eats two big meals on most days and sometimes three. My mom has the stomach reduction surgery 9 years ago and she has never eating small frequent meals like she is supposed to. I told her I know it’s a pain in the butt but she’s at least going to have to try it for a little while because the doctor said that could be why she has had problems with her stomach hurting her for the last couple of years, and it is to where her stomach hurts her about half a time even though she takes medicine for it and we have tried four different medicines recently and none of them makes her stomach totally quit hurting.

Because the primary care physician never received the results from the last lab work I have to stay on top of that and make sure that they get those results from the new lab work. And while I’m at it I guess I’m going to have to go ahead and call the neurologist and make sure she got the results from the EEG in a CAT Scan. She said she would call us if there was anything wrong with the results but we have not heard from her and I’m not sure she is even receive the results.

Mom has not had no spells where she’s been delusional like the four or five she had during a hurricane and afterwards but her memory loss and level of confusion has been higher still than it was before the hurricane and she started having these spells. She has been back on her anti-depressant for 5 weeks now and the doctor said after she is back on then for 6 to 8 weeks she thinks that she will return back to normal and will not have these so-called manic spells anymore.

So now I’ve got a lot more things to do and worry about and it’s going to be hard to get my mom to eat small meals and to take her Protonix before one of those meals. But I have to do what I have to do so I don’t have to see her hurt so bad in her stomach.

I appreciate anyones prayers about this situation and I thank you all for your love and support that I receive here from y’all. Thanks so much!!!


First Post: Documenting the first 3 major episodes and me having to move in with her to keep her from becoming homeless

I started this blog to keep track of my mother’s dementia and its progression. Here are the symptoms and episode as of today September 13th 2017. I will list the last episode and then go back to the beginning.

About 4 days ago my mom asked for a dollar to go to Sonic to get a Coke. Then she came back in and asked me for her keys saying she had lost her keys. So I gave her the keys. She left and 15 minutes later she called me and when I answered she was crying. She said I have been trying to open the door with the key and it will not open and I have been beating on the door for 10 minutes and you’re not answering.

I tell her if you’ve been beating on the door I would have heard it so I go to our door and she’s not there. I tell her I am standing at the door and you are not here. So then she starts crying again and she realizes that she’s at apartment 803 in another building instead of our 505 apartment.

She had grabbed the trash and took it to the dumpster and instead of going to Sonic she turned around and tried to go home but she went to the wrong apartment in the wrong building.

Now we’ll go back to the beginning. Back in January I had to move in with my mother because she almost spent herself into homelessness. She told me that she had gotten a job at Subway but she’s supposed to be on oxygen 24/7 a day.

About eight months prior she had gotten a loan on her car which was paid off for $15,000 and she used that money to pay off her credit cards. 8 months later in January of 2017 she had charged all those credit cards back up to the max. As a result she only had about $150 to pay on her$615 rent because she was trying to pay the minimum payments on all the credit card bills and all her other expenses.

She quit the job at Subway after only being able to work 2 days before it got too much for her to handle. I had to have her cut up 8 of her 9 credit cards and stop paying on them. WE kept the Walmart card and continued to pay on it in case we need that card to use later. And then we moved in together to save money and for me to start watching over her finances. And we got new phones through MetroPCS instead of Verizon saving money there.

Before and after this her symptoms were just forgetfulness and not giving enough details to understand what she was trying to say. You would ask have to ask her questions to get more details to be able to understand what she was trying to say. And sometimes when you talk to her and you’re having a conversation she would say something that was from left field that had nothing to do with what we was talking about.

Over the next nine months she overdrew her bank account every month and had to pay up to $200 in overdraft fees a month because she was over drawn every month, and one month she was overdrawn $700.

She will not let me handle her finances so the only thing I can do is check her online banking and try to tell her when she is running out of money and how much money she has left to spend but that doesn’t really do a good job as she ends up being overdrawn anyway.

Then during Hurricane Harvey I noticed that she was confused and she come in my room and said as soon as the biscuits are ready we’ll eat breakfast. I thought she wanted me to keep an eye on the biscuits so I go into the kitchen and open up the oven and there’s no biscuits in the oven. So I’ll call her in there and I tell her there’s no biscuits in the oven and she says yes there is. So I open the oven and have her look in the oven to show her that there’s no biscuits in the oven and even though she can see there’s no biscuits in the oven she argues with me and tells me there is biscuits in the oven.

That day she was leaving things everywhere. She took eight or nine items out of the refrigerator and left them on the floor and had a bottle of barbecue sauce on her nightstand next to her bed. Then I caught her in the bathroom for over 30 minutes and she had her bottle of narcos next to her so I took her medicine so she would not take too many pills but I suspected she already took too many.

The first day it rained real hard during the hurricane she left three times, one time going to Newport to see her friend and Newport floods really easy. Luckily it wasn’t already flooded. Then over the next days during the storm she kept trying to leave so I had to take her keys away from her so she wouldn’t leave and get into a dangerous situation or go through water and flood the car out.

So then she got mad at me and said she was going to call my uncle to tell him that I was mistreating her. So I called my uncle and said here my mom wants to tell you how much treating her, and my mom got on the phone and when she said “would you come over here and stop Damon for mistreating me” my uncle said that he was flooded in and couldn’t come over. So my mom got mad grabbed her umbrella and her purse and took off walking in the rain during the hurricane. Me and several other people look for her for an hour and a half before we found her at the library about a half a mile away.

She did this not because she was confused and delusional necessarily but because she was mad because I had her keys and her medicine and she wasn’t going to have that. So she went on the warpath starting three or four fights with me a day because I would not give her her pain pills, muscle relaxers and keys back. I broke down and gave her her keys back. Then she went to her friend’s house that lives in Conroe and didn’t get her pain medicine from me, she said she was going to stay for 4 or 5 days. Then the next morning she called me crying saying that she was hurting, she caught me on a day when I was depressed so I gave him gave her her medicine back.

Then about a week later she had another bad episode of dementia. She took the dogs out to use the restroom and came back and told me “Damon would you come take this collar off of your dog”. I asked her why she wanted to take the collar off the dog and she said because he fell down outside. He falls down because he has real bad arthritis in his hips and he’s home almost 17 years old.

So I explained to her that him falling down had nothing to do with the collar needing to come off and I explain to her that the collar had been on my dog for years and there was no reason for it to come off. So she sat there and argued with me and argued with me that the collar needed to come off. I finally convinced her that the collar did not need to come off. I told her she was not thinking well and she got her feelings hurt. Then she come back in and said Damon I don’t think I’m thinking clearly and I don’t feel well because I’ve been up all night and I’m going to lay down.

So then in 5 minutes I go in there to check on her and she’s in the kitchen and she’s telling her dog you better get over here and eat this shit right now. I explained to her that she had not even opened the dog food and had not put it in her bowl.

Then we was talking to her neighbor friend out back on the patio and she said I need to go put my clothes on so I can go visit Marie. I explained to her that she already had her clothes on and she said she was going to put some special clothes on. And then she ended up going to see her friend with the same clothes that she had on without changing her clothes.

As of now she’s only had three major episodes and I will be making entries into this blog to document the rest of the episodes as they happen.